Our service

We provide furniture design and production services to house and apartment owners as well as businesses. Our goal is the highest quality, and we are not afraid of challenges, therefore, we put all our energy into your project. We are always prepared to meet the deadlines as well as commitments. We check the quality in three stages: after receiving the materials, after making the furniture and after the installation of the furniture in your home. This allows us to ensure the highest quality.

We are always looking for the perfect quality/price ratio. However, we understand that quality comes at a price, which is why we value customer understanding. We are flexible in this area because we work with several material suppliers and can offer flexible pricing.

Furniture production

  • Analysis of customer needs and research;
  • Custom furniture design;
  • Selection of quality materials;
  • Choosing colors and textures;
  • Custom furniture production;
  • Furniture installation;
  • Consultations about furniture maintenance;
  • After-sales service.

Interior design

  • Analysis of customer needs;
  • Stylistic suggestions/visualizations;
  • Engineering drawings;
  • Selection of finishing materials and furniture;
  • Selection of lighting solutions;
  • Unique furniture design and production;
  • Coordination and supervision of various interior works.


Payment for service and furniture is by bank transfer. Also, we cooperate with leasing companies: "SB lizingas" and "Mokilizingas", so we can offer to buy furniture by installments.