Dining room furniture

We design and make dining room furniture. It is one of the rarer types of custom furniture, but we pay close attention to it.


Custom dining room furniture is made for several reasons:

  1. To maintain the integrity of the overall furniture style. It is particularly useful when other furniture is made using non-standard solutions, unpopular colors, and textures.
  2. For space efficiency. Sometimes a table that is 10 cm shorter fits perfectly and saves space. Unfortunately, you cannot choose a table length in a store, so the custom-made table is a perfect solution.
  3. When certain functional solutions are required. This is mostly done for space efficiency.
  4. Different sizes for users of different heights.


Dining room furniture is made of materials that are easy to maintain. We pay great attention to the tabletop: it must be completely resistant to liquids, moisture, and heat.


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